donderdag 23 juni 2011

Twin Turbo II from Arctic with more cooling capacity

The Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo and Twin Turbo Pro were long the most popular video card coolers because of the price and good cooling performance. With the increasingly overheated GPU chips however, it was time for a successor who could address this problem. The Twin Turbo II is just above and builds on the foundation of the first cooler. There is an additional 6 mm heatpipe added bringing the total to five takes. These heat pipes distribute heat to cool 35 aluminum sheets with a thickness of 0.4 mm, and two 92 mm fans to provide airflow. The fans have an FDB bearing and an adjustable speed PWM between 1000 and 2000 rotations per minute. It would be up to about 54 CFM of air moved.

The Twin Turbo II because it would change more heat dissipation. Compared with the Twin Turbo Pro with an output of 120 watts, the Twin Turbo II cooling power of 160 watts compared with 0.3 Sone noise level remains the same. The VR and RAM cooling is improved when the Turbo II and heat sinks can be mounted with the supplied G-1 thermal compound. On the video card itself is cooler Arctic MX-4 thermal paste applied to the base to the thermal conductivity improvement.

7 reacties:

blorriepoes zei

Looks awesome. a cooler must be quiet and thats why i prefer Zalman, its best brand under the coolers.
but thanks.

XMX zei

I really want one.
I should get this when I get a new pc

Ken zei

I want one as well. sweet review dude. keep it up

Kingmush zei

I really need one of these for my set up.

blorriepoes zei

ZALMAN is the shit!

jrallen zei

I could really do with one of these, overheating is a major problem.

Tabasco1 zei

need a few of these to keep myself cool screw my pc D:

but in ll honesty these look so good D;